What is your why?

Lauren Justice Family Photography

Something I love asking the people I photograph is why they want these photos taken. The why behind your session is sometimes the most insightful guide I can use when taking your photo. Why do you want these images? Why now? What’s happening in your life that you want to capture? What feels fleeting? What feels like it has depth that will carry through your life as the years pass? What will you want to look back on? 

Sometimes we can’t put words to these questions and sometimes that’s because we’ve never been asked before. But opening up the conversation to include the why helps me understand on a deeper level what it is you care about, and the potential of us walking away from the session with images that feel full and complete is much more likely.

Published by laurenjustice

Lauren Justice is a Los Angeles, California based photojournalist who is regularly published in national and international publications. View her portfolio at www.laurenjustice.com. For more information about booking a documentary family session, visit www.laurenjusticefamily.com. Email: lauren@laurenjustice.com

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