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Los Angeles Family Photojournalism
Family photojournalist

“Wow I just looked through all of them. I’m speechless. This is the best present I ever gave myself.

Lauren, Massachusetts
Family Photojournalist
Los Angeles Family Photojournalism

Your time and your loved ones matter. Each phase of life comes with unique memories, routines, joys, and transitions. When we reflect on this time years from now, the photographs we hold can immediately transport us back to an emotion or memory. What will you want to remember?

I want to collaborate with you on how we can best capture your family and loved ones. Whether you are celebrating, moving through your everyday routine, or experiencing a life change, I want to capture the moments (with YOU in them!) that make it memorable.

We can capture moments big and small. What brings you joy? What do you love doing together? What brings you closer? What carries meaning?

The images I capture tell stories. What will yours say?

Lauren Justice Family Photography

Lauren Justice Family Photography
Los Angeles Family Photographer
Cincinnati Family Photography
Los Angeles Family Photojournalism
Los Angeles Family Photojournalist
Los Angeles family photojournalism

“Lauren was amazing from start to finish. Communication was prompt, clear and thorough. The day of was so much more relaxing than we expected. She chatted with us enough to put us at ease but also just let us go about our day so she captured some really natural moments. The pictures are more beautiful than we could hope for and perfectly capture our weekends!”

Purva, Los Angeles

About Me

Hi, I’m Lauren. I love witnessing and capturing real moments. I’ve spent the last ten years photographing people in their everyday lives for newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post. Now I want to add your family to the mix.

I got into photography because of a fascination with and love for people, cultures, traditions, and relationships. I bring an anthropological and documentary approach into my work with families because we all have a story to tell.

I would love to hear about your passions and your loved ones.

Let’s hang out!