Planning for Your Session

This is about you and your loved ones. Getting you into the photos, showing you having the experiences, and taking images that preserve this phase of life for you and your loved ones is most important.

The ideas below are a starting point. Let’s talk about what makes the most sense for your family’s lifestyle, interests, and passions.

Half and full day sessions available.

Your Everyday Life

What you see every day can lose its uniqueness. When I’m coming in to spend time with you, I’m seeing your world for the first time. And I can guarantee you it’s more fun, more beautiful, and more special than you think it is.

Planning a session around your regular routine is a great way to document what life looks like right now. There is no need for special planning or excessive cleaning. This is about your life and your home, just the way it is.

Life Changes and Transitions

When we look back at our lives, the transitional moments are often what evoke the most emotion and memories.

Life changes can be exciting, scary, a growth opportunity, or a chance to heal. Whether you are having a child, moving into a new house, starting fresh, or saying goodbye, photographs of this time period can be a way of preserving memories or feeling closure.

We can talk about the best way to document this experience so that we capture what you are going through in a respectful and mindful way.

“I want to do this every year with you. This is so special to me.”

Lauren, Massachusetts

Are you planning something spontaneous, adventurous, or fun?

I can’t wait to hear about it. Please, please reach out.

Lauren Justice Family Photography

Family History

Are you exploring your ancestry? Let’s talk about ways we can document what you discover. We can visit places of importance, or we can get creative and interview and photograph people who are important to your family’s journey.

“Jane trusted you big time, which she doesn’t do with just anyone.”

Molly, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lauren Justice Family Photography

All of these ideas are starting points

I could list so many more. And I know you could too. Let’s start by having a conversation about what you’re looking for, and we can move forward from there.