What to expect

There are many ways we can spend time together. Here are a few ideas:

Your everyday life is more interesting than you think

What you see every day can lose its uniqueness. When I’m coming in to spend time with you, I’m seeing your world for the first time. And I can guarantee you it’s more fun, more beautiful, and more special than you think it is.

Consider a day-in-the-life style shoot where I come in for a couple hours and spend time with you in your regular routine. There is no need for special planning or excessive cleaning. This is about your life and your home, just the way it is.

Family History

Are you exploring your ancestry or do you have items that carry significance within your family? I would love to document part of your journey of discovery. We can photograph items of significance, locations that are important to you, and family members. We can also talk about the possibility of creating oral histories.

It’s about you and your loved ones

Let’s talk about what makes the most sense for your family’s lifestyle, interests, and passions. I am happy to take a few portraits, and I am happy to sit back and wait for those telling candid moments.

What matters most is that everyone feels like they are showing up as themselves. Poses that feel awkward or situations that make us uncomfortable leave us with images that don’t feel right. I want you to see yourself fully in the images we take. And this starts with being in an environment that feels natural and comfortable.

Life changes can be so exciting. And they can also be scary.

When we look back at our lives, the transitional moments are often what evoke the most emotion and memories. Whether you are having a child, moving into a new house, starting fresh, or saying goodbye, photographs of this time period can be a way of expressing its meaning.

Whether these photos are for you alone or for you to share with others, I want you to feel like you’re walking away with something special.

Are you planning something random, exciting, or fun?

I can’t wait to hear about it. Please, please reach out.

All of these ideas are starting points

I could list so many more. And I know you could too. Let’s start by having a conversation about what you’re looking for, and we can move forward from there.

Investment Guidelines*

Individual Sessions

Slice of Life


Half day session up to 4 hours.

Included: A consultation, our time together up to 4 hours, and 30+ toned, hi-res image files for you to download.

Day in the Life


Let’s spend a full day together.

Included: A consultation, our time together up to 8 hours, and 100+ toned, hi-res image files for you to download.

Build Your Own

Interested in a full day’s coverage but exhausted by the idea of doing it all at once? We can break it up into smaller sessions over the course of 1-2 weeks. A $50 fee will apply.

Optional Add-On

Sit down for a recorded conversation about your family and the stories that you want to remember. Offer available for an additional rate.

*Some rates may vary depending on activities. Please write to me and we can discuss further.

*Sales tax will apply to the total amount

*A signed agreement is required to reserve your date and rate.