Cincinnati Family Photography

What is documentary and lifestyle family photography?

When we think of the people we love, we remember certain authentic expressions, body language, and interactions we’ve had with them. These are the times when they were living fully and expressing themselves in a true way.

Documentary photography captures this essence – my photojournalism background has trained me to see and document these moments. The photos we take together will be natural and candid, and in most of them you and your family won’t be looking at the camera.

I’ll be there with you, but I want you to feel comfortable and able to be in your element without posing. We aren’t trying to “be” anyone other than who we are right now. There is no one to impress. These photos are meant to be about your life, right now, for you.

Why would I consider a full day?

Sometimes the most beautiful and special moments happen in-between, before, or after the main events. A full day allows us to explore all of those opportunities, whether it’s breakfast and getting ready for the day, or your nighttime routine.

A full day also gives us flexibility with what we have time to do. Are you planning a camping trip and want photos of everyone socializing, playing, swimming, talking around the fire? Are you doing something for the first time or treating someone to an experience and want the day memorialized with you in the photos? A full day can give a lot of options for images not just of you, but also of the environment we are in and how it changes throughout the day.

I don’t like being photographed, which is why I’m always the one taking the photos! Why should I hire you when I already capture everything?

Sometimes we forget that when we are the ones in our family who typically take the photos, we end up not being in the photos. And seeing ourselves with our loved ones is special not just for us, but for our whole family. Our loved ones want to look back and see everyone together. They want everyone to be a part of those preserved memories.

If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, let’s talk about how we can plan on documenting something that takes your mind off of the photographs and onto the unfolding scene. I want you to feel as natural and relaxed as possible. Will it be weird to have a camera there? Yea, maybe at first. It might take a little bit of time to get used to it. But I’m excited to spend the day with you, and I know we’ll all have a great time.

Do you take posed photos?

If preferred, we can spend about 10-15 minutes of our documentary session taking posed family photos. There may also be times when I’m inspired to ask you if we can pause to take portraits while in the documentary sessions.

I’m inspired by interesting light and the environment we are in and am open to exploring what’s possible while we’re together. Let’s have some fun.

We don’t have this much time to give to a photo session – do you offer sessions by the hour?

I offer these sessions in half and full day options because in my ten years of experience I know that this really helps people relax into our time together. It helps build a trusting relationship, and that always makes photos better.

I also structured it this way so that when I’m there, it feels like a natural extension of your day. I’m not taking you away for a rushed, stressful photo shoot. I’m coming along on your journey.

On very rare occasions I will offer shorter sessions. If you are experiencing financial hardship and a shorter session will help accommodate your needs, please reach out and ask me how we can collaborate together in a way that works for us both.

Have more questions? Reach out!