Slice of Life – Purva and Family in Los Angeles

Half day family photography sessions, or Slice of Life sessions as I call them, offer us the opportunity to choose two to three activities for us to engage in as we take photos. This is great because we leave the session with a variety of images that feel unique, special, and true to our lives.

This session in particular felt full of moments that will be appreciated years down the line. Purva suggested inviting her parents, so after a morning of making pancakes and playing in the living room, we drove over to the grandparent’s house.

The pandemic in particular has really shown us how valuable our time is, and, in some cases, how limited it can be. We’ve spent the last two years struggling to see our loved ones, and being able to take advantage of the world opening up again feels so special. Making these memories and documenting them when you can, even if it’s just on your phone, is one way to preserve this precarious moment.

The memories we have of our grandparents often take shape around moments or personality traits, and these images will remind Rowan just how much his grandparents love and care for him. The joy that is in some of these photos is infectious.

Scroll through to see how our day went, from early morning pancakes to bike rides and scones.

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Lauren Justice is a Los Angeles, California based photojournalist who is regularly published in national and international publications. View her portfolio at For more information about booking a documentary family session, visit Email:

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