Embrace Your Family’s Unique Identity

Photojournalist Lauren Justice

Each session is going to be different because each individual and each family is different. What I care about is being present with you in the moment.

I’ve been photographing people in a wide range of environments for ten years, and one reason I keep coming back inspired is because of the diversity of scenes and personalities each of you bring to the table. I adapt to and prioritize what is important to you.

These family sessions, to me, are an extension of my photojournalism background. It’s like taking my favorite parts of photojournalism and focusing in on only that: connecting, spending time and getting to know you.

You’re always teaching me something about this weird, wild, ever changing world we live in, and I’m so grateful for that.

Published by laurenjustice

Lauren Justice is a Los Angeles, California based photojournalist who is regularly published in national and international publications. View her portfolio at www.laurenjustice.com. For more information about booking a documentary family session, visit www.laurenjusticefamily.com. Email: lauren@laurenjustice.com

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