Family photojournalist

I hear from a lot of moms that they want these photos as a proof of their existence. Validation of their experience as a mother, as a parent, as a person. Often times moms aren’t in their family photos because they’re always the ones taking them.

As a photographer, I can relate. I don’t have kids yet, but I know what it feels like to look back at a trip or an experience with family and not see myself anywhere — because I was the only one taking photos. I’ve had to become intentional about getting images of myself, and in that way, I can relate to those of you seeking validation.

You exist, you’re here, and you’re making a difference.

Published by laurenjustice

Lauren Justice is a Los Angeles, California based photojournalist who is regularly published in national and international publications. View her portfolio at www.laurenjustice.com. For more information about booking a documentary family session, visit www.laurenjusticefamily.com. Email: lauren@laurenjustice.com