2022: Choosing Joy

Photojournalist Lauren Justice

I got a notification the other day that it’s time for me to renew my website, and it made me realize that I started building this new branch of my photography work a year ago, in early 2021.

2020 had been a hard year, and I wanted to start seeking out ways to capture more joy in my images. That’s something my friends and I talk about a lot – about noticing what brings us joy and following the source. Choosing to make room for it even when so many other things in the world feel so devastating, angering, or hard. Trying to hold space for both can be challenging, but we can do our best.

As this new year begins, I’m grateful to have this space to explore with you and am looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings as joy continues to be a thread I choose to follow.

Thanks for coming along for the ride and for sharing your moments of joy with me too. Let’s make some fun images together this year.

Published by laurenjustice

Lauren Justice is a Los Angeles, California based photojournalist who is regularly published in national and international publications. View her portfolio at www.laurenjustice.com. For more information about booking a documentary family session, visit www.laurenjusticefamily.com. Email: lauren@laurenjustice.com

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